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The Workout

Our workouts are suited to everyone from all ages and all fitness levels!


The Highlite hi-Tech workout is a specialised program written by our qualified strength and conditioning coaches and is backed by science. Our workouts are group training style sessions where people come together to help motivate and encourage each other. We only use the latest in fitness equipment and everyone in the session is fitted with a heart rate monitor so our coaches can ensure you are working in the correct heart rate zone to guarantee you will get results.

Every session is unique and we guarantee you will never do the same workout twice, our group training sessions follow our science based structure to give you the best results training in 4 phases.

Phase 1 - Dynamic Warm Up

Phase 2 - Strength, Power and Speed

Phase 3 - Conditioning and Calorie Smasher

Phase 4 - Wind Down/Cool Down

Each movement within the workout can be customised depending on your current level of fitness and this allows absolutely anyone to be able to come along to the sessions regardless of whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are an elite athlete.

With the best in technology, highly skilled coaches and the group training environment you will be hooked on the workout and the life changing results it creates.