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The Highlite Reaction

Derive by A combination of two scientific principles

Get the Highlite Reaction through the combination of two scientific principles, progressive overload and excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

By monitoring your heart rate to ensure you work in your burn zone our coaches can ensure you keep burning increased levels of energy for up to 36 hours post workout. Not only do we ensure you achieve the best level of EPOC you can, but we also know that strength and power is just as important which is why we rely on the progressive overload principle.

This technique is fundamental for success in various forms of strength training and is part of the Highlite hi-tech programming for the 1 hour workouts. To reduce the risk of injury and maximize results you will gradually over time increase volume, intensity and frequency in your strength component of the workout to build muscular strength and muscle mass.

Highlite hi-tech ensures that these two principles collide during your one our workout causing a REACTION in your body. Firstly an increase in intra and post workout calorie burnt, secondly building lean muscle that functions like never before, causing you to expend more energy while getting stronger and increasing muscle mass. A leaner, stronger more powerful energetic state of my mind is gained.