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Our Method

Cutting edge group training


Welcome to the Burn Zone

We combine science-based training principles with state of the art performance monitoring technology to make sure you’re working out in your own personal burn zone. That means you’ll burn maximum energy. Our short and intense group sessions will increase your agility, speed, strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. Our fitness coaches will make sure you always achieve your best.

Science-based principles

Our workout method includes different types of training, but focuses on the scientific principles of progressive overload, and excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Combining the two creates a reaction in your body that sees you increase the amount of calories you burn during, and after your workout. You’ll also build lean muscle at the same time.

The technology

During your training session, fat and glucose burning is monitored via your heart rate and physical profile to ensure you are training in your most effective heart rate zone. Whether you choose to train at our training centre or outdoors, you’ll be connected to our Polar Group heart rate monitoring system. Our expert coaches will track your personal performance on their iPad so they can guide you with the right advice during your workout. After the session, your personal performance report will tell you how many calories you’ve burned. During indoor sessions you can also watch your heart rate in real time on a TV screen while you’re working out.

Free trial session

Contact us to book your free session and find out what it’s like to train the Highlite way. What are you waiting for? Come and join us.