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Group Training is awesome and you’re more likely to stick to it

Todd Wright Apr 30, 2019

Fitness goals are only achieved through commitment and consistency. Committing to a program is the easy part. However, being consistent and adhering to regular exercise is a struggle for most of us. This is where group training comes in. Whether it be structured group training in a commercial gym, a boot camp in a park or on the beach, team sports or even just going for a walk or jog with friends, exercising in groups leads to better adherence than exercising alone. (Dishman & Buckworth, 1996) (Burke, Carron, Eys, Ntoumanis, & Estabrooks, 2006; Hong, Hughes, & Prochaska, 2008).

  1. It’s Fun! There are a number of reasons why group training leads to better adherance. First and foremost, group training is so much fun. We love to turn on the disco LED lights and pump the latest music to motivate you through our high intensity sessions.
  2. Variety. The group setting also allows for a variety of exercises and session structures so that every session is unique. Sessions with team challenges in them are so much fun, it takes all my willpower not to jump in.
  3. It’s Social. The social support of group training also plays a vital role in exercise consistency. 30% of our members signed up with friends or family and many friendships have been forged through shared experience. The encouragement from those around you can be a huge motivator to exercise and maintain exercise adherence.
  4. Challenge Yourself. There’s also nothing like a bit of friendly competition to push you beyond your limits! You don’t want to let your mates down in a team challenge and you sure as hell don’t want to get beaten by a work colleague in a neck and neck battle. Add to that, your heart rate displayed on the big screen for all to see and there is nowhere to hide.
  5. Personal Professional Guidance. Add to that the support from industry professionals who have made a life in health and fitness. Group training allows you to receive one on one professional advice without paying massive Personal Training Prices.
  6. Group Affiliation. Finally, group affiliation can have a powerfully positive impact on an individual’s psychology. Having a strong bond with fellow members of a fitness group, gives a sense of comfort and the feeling of being a part of a positive movement which is greater than the self. We nurture the positivity of group affiliation by entering teams in such events like the Hill to Harbour Fun Run as well as hosting massive special event workouts. Adding cheeky social elements to our regular timetable helps as well, like Fully Lit Friday where we create a themed playlist for the 5:30pm session before a debrief over a beverage of two.

It’s clear that group training is fun, provides social support and positive group affiliation and has been shown to be superior to individual training in terms of adherence. So, if you have fitness goals going unfulfilled, grab a mate and get down to Highlite Fitness today!

Todd Wright Strength and Conditioning Coach