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Training Buddies are Best Buddies

Todd Wright Jun 04, 2019

Starting a new health and fitness regime can be intimidating so grab your best mate and get stuck in! Here are the top 6...

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Lift Weights for a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Todd Wright May 16, 2019

For many people starting out on their fitness journeys, lifting weights can be a daunting prospect. However, with expert...

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Group Training is awesome and you’re more likely to stick to it

Todd Wright Apr 30, 2019

Fitness goals are only achieved through commitment and consistency. Committing to a program is the easy part.

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Corporate Fitness Benefits You and Your Boss

Todd Wright Jun 25, 2019

Over the last few decades, the public and private sector have both been increasing their investment in employee wellness...

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Why Should I Track My Heart Rate?

Todd Wright Jul 28, 2019

Over the last decade we have witnessed the massive expansion of the fitness tracker market. From counting steps, analysi...

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The Myths and Benefits of Youth Strength Training

Todd Wright Aug 15, 2019

Up until recent years, kids’ strength training has been a bit of a taboo subject. Common myths about risking growth plat...

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